Baby Monitor for Car

Baby Monitor for Car – Everything You Need to Know About it

Imagine that you are driving on the road in your car, and you feel like your baby isn’t safe enough. Will you be able to focus on the road without getting distracted? Well, the answer is a definite no. No parent can feel at peace, when driving if they have to keep looking back to check on the baby every two minutes. So what do you do? The answer is obvious, invest in a baby monitor for car and keep driving safely without taking your eyes off the way.

What Is a Baby Monitor for Car, And How Does It Work?

Car baby monitors function in the same way a regular baby monitor in your house does. The baby monitor for car has a camera focused on the baby, the camera sends images to a screen placed just within the view of the driver. This lets you see what is up with your little one without having to turn back or take your hands off the steering wheel.

Most baby monitor for cars tends to have a traditional camera strapped to the seat right in front of the baby’s car seat. The corresponding monitor screen is then used in a similar way as any car navigation device and is generally installed near the windshield. Most baby monitor for car is wireless, which makes them very convenient to use. So just turn on this camera and monitor and receive live feeds of your little one without getting disturbed while driving. Most of these cameras work both in nighttime and daytime conditions. If you are the kind of family that has to drive around a lot during the night, then it is better to invest in a camera with night vision features.

Here 3 Baby Monitor for Car we checked:

  1. Itomoro Baby Car Mirror


  • Night vision function
  • Perfect vision – easily adjusted camera for the perfect angle of the finest quality crystal clear image without any distortion. View angle of rear camera is 140°.
  • Easy installation
  • Camera remain stable as you drive – not like many others car mirrors

2. Shynerk Baby Car Monitor Camera


  • can be placed on the center console of the car, offering a crystal clear view of your baby.
  • Night vision function: the camera mirror aimed at baby, with the night vision function, makes the display more clear, more bright. even when driving at night.
  • Easy to use
  • Up and down adjustable angle
  • Stable, no vibrating whilst driving

3. Yada Car Portable Baby Monitor


  • Cam & Display 2-in-1 – This Baby Monitor set comes with a camera and a 4.3” display screen. Both are universally compatible and can be seamlessly installed
  • Automatic Night Vision
  • Wireless Transmission
  • wide view angle that’s more than enough to cover the entire car seat

Important Features to Keep in Mind When Buying

If you are in the market for a good car baby monitor, then consider the below-mentioned features:

  • Most baby monitors for car use a small monitor of around 4 inches in width. This monitor looks similar to any GPS navigator and comes with side buttons that let you adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen for better viewing.
  • The best car baby monitors in the market come wireless. Now, if you are thinking about why this feature is important, consider this, do you want wires running from front to back inside your car? Also, what if you end up unplugging it and risking your baby’s safety in the process? And lastly, what if your baby ends up playing with the wire and strangles herself? These are important things one needs to consider when driving a car with a baby in the back.
  • Car baby monitors work by using a camera. So, it’s necessary to invest in a model with a high-quality resolution. Go for a camera lens with the anti-glare feature because this helps get the best video quality. Some monitors even allow connecting to multiple cameras at once with one single monitor, which is perfect for large families or if you have twins.
  • Before investing in a baby monitor for car, think about this – whether you should go for a battery-operated baby monitor or the ones that need to be plugged into the power point always. The ones that need to be plugged in require you to have a long wire inside your car, and although these wires are 15 feet long and above. But ask yourself – do you want to have that wire inside your car? On the other hand, using a battery-powered monitor simplifies usage.
  • If you tend to drive a lot at night with your little one, then invest in a baby monitor that comes with night vision. This feature is perfect as it will allow you to have an eye on your baby without having to switch on the lights and thereby disturbing his sleep.

Car Baby Monitor Vs. Baby Car Mirror

The most common and popular option for monitoring kids in a car has always been a baby car mirror. And although this option is much more affordable than baby car monitors, the main issue with using a baby car mirror is that it will need constant adjusting. The mirror tends to move after every little bump, and you need to stop the car and adjust the mirror. If you have a back seat mirror installed on the back window, then this ends up blocking your rear view window, which ultimately isn’t a safe thing to do when driving.

Most parents are not aware of baby monitors for cars, and this is why they end up settling for baby car mirrors. Now that you understand the difference between the both, you will be able to make a wise decision.

How Safe Are Car Baby Monitors for The Driver?

As a parent watching over the kids and ensuring their safety is the number one priority. But no one can afford to get distracted when driving a car. This is why using any hand-held devices while driving is strictly prohibited in almost all states. So, if you are driving alone, especially at night when the risks of accidents are high, using a baby monitor isn’t recommended.

But in case, you have someone in the front seat, it is okay for that person to use the baby monitor for car. If you are not being accompanied by someone, then it is recommended to mount the monitor on the dashboard as you do with a GPS navigator. Make sure you don’t place the baby monitor on the dash without any support since this might lead to the monitor sliding and falling off, and then you have to pick it up, which might turn out to be a risky decision. Remember, the baby car monitor is never dangerous. It is just the way people use it that puts them at risk.

Final Words

A baby monitor for car cannot be called an absolute necessity like a car seat. If you are planning a road trip or if you generally spend a lot of time inside your car, then a car monitor is a must. Investing money in a car monitor will ensure your child’s safety. There is nothing more important than that to any parent.

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