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Best Baby Monitor Under $100 – Best affordable baby monitor

Have you ever thought how a baby monitor is nothing but an expensive walkie-talkie? Except with the slight difference that the person on the other end doesn’t know about you listening, and you don’t have anything to say either. Although baby monitors seem like a modern invention because most people aren’t aware of them today, but the fact is baby monitors have existed since 1937. But things are much easier these days, especially with wifi monitors that let you keep an eye on your baby from the other end of the house or the world. The best baby monitor doesn’t need to be the most expensive one in the market. We found 5 best baby monitor under $100.

But do you know which baby monitor to go for? Because as a new parent choosing the baby monitor that is going to meet your requirements and budget can seem like an overwhelming task. So if you are in the market looking for the best baby monitor under $100 then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 best baby monitors under $100.

The 5 Best Baby Monitor Under $100 You Need to Check Out Today:

1. VTech VM819 Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM819
best baby monitor under $100.

Looking for the best baby monitor under $100 that not only helps you keep an eye on your little one but also puts her to sleep with soft and soothing lullabies? Well, the VTech VM819 Video Baby Monitor does just that making sure your baby has sound sleep throughout the entire night.

Why Get It:

  • a battery life lasting up to 19 hours on a single charge, the baby monitor lets you monitor your child’s sound sleeping throughout the night.
  • The monitor comes with a long and With dependable monitor range of 1000 feet, which allows you to remain connected with your baby even from the other part of your house or garden.
  • The 2.8 inches display lets you view your little one in full sight, whether day or night.
  • The baby monitor comes with an auto-on sound and screen feature, which means you can turn off the screen and have your sound sleep at night. This feature also allows for saving power and thereby ensuring that the battery lasts the entire day.

Disadvantages To Consider

  • Customers have complained about the package not having an instruction manual, which makes it a bit difficult for first-time users.

2. Anmeate with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera


Are you in the market looking for a baby monitor that is designed for the modern parent? Well, the Anmeate Baby Monitor comes with a high-quality built-in speaker and microphone for that crystal clear communication so that you can hear your baby’s every movement and sound.

Why Get It:

  • Comes with an infrared night vision camera that allows you to check on your little one without waking him up.
  • The 3.5 inches LCD monitor ensures that you have a clear view of your little one from every possible angle.
  • The baby monitor has a 2.4GHZ wireless digital transmission that ensures that no one can hack into your wifi or app to watch your baby. Thus making sure your privacy is maintained and your little one is safe and protected.
  • The Anmeate baby monitor comes with a feeding clock to remind new parents about diaper changes and feeding. You can easily set the timer at 2, 4, or 6 hours according to your requirements.
  • The temperature monitoring feature helps monitor your baby’s real-time room temperature so that your angel can receive the all-day best care.

Disadvantages To Consider

  • There have been complaints from customers about the design of the product not being user-friendly.

3. Anmeate Video with Digital Camera

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor

As a new mommy are you worried about those times when you are busy in the kitchen, and your baby is alone in her nursery? Well, then, worry not, the Anmeate Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera is here to your rescue. Considered one of the best baby monitors under $100 this device is bound to make your life easy.

Why Get It?

  • Comes with night vision that allows you to have an eye on your little one day or night. The automatic night vision detects dim light and provides crystal clear video.
  • This baby monitor has an advanced 2-way communication technology equipped with speakers and a microphone that allows you to communicate with your child and comfort her.
  • The advanced technology of this baby monitor doesn’t allow anyone to hack into the system and risk your baby’s safety.
  • Comes with a long transmission range of 480-960ft so that you get stable video no matter wherever in the house you are.

Disadvantages To Consider

  • According to some customers, this baby monitor doesn’t last that long and loses connection frequently.

4. Ebitcam Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

Ebitcam Baby Monitor

Why Get It:

  • Comes with a wide-angle view of 135 degrees and motion/sound detection that allows you to capture every movement of your little one.
  • This baby monitor comes with a two-way talk function that makes sure your pet doesn’t feel lonely when you are out on a vacation.
  • The Ebitcam Baby Monitor provides all-around protection to your house with its indoor security cameras. With the human detection feature on the app, it makes sure that no one breaches your home security and harms your baby ever.
  • The day/night live viewing feature lets you check on your baby throughout the day without physically going to the nursery.

Disadvantages To Consider

  • There have been complaints from customers about the setting up process being difficult and the device not working after being repositioned.

5. Foscam Baby Monitor

foscam baby monitor reviews

Why Get It:

  • No app and no Wi-Fi needed
  • Foscam makes a baby monitor that’s great for use both at home and on the go. It includes 5″ LCD display with true color day vision, audio capabilities (including night-vision), automatic switching between infrared views according to your needs–and it can even be used as an intercom so you don’t need another device nearby!
  • The digital zoom on the camera is perfect for parents who want to make sure they are getting a good view of their child. The feature will allow you 2x as much clarity when zooming in, so there’s no guessing about what your sweetie could be doing.
  • The advanced and high-sensitivity microphone allows for clear two way audio conversations no matter where you are. This parent device features VOX mode that reminds them of feedings, so they won’t miss any important moments.

Disadvantages To Consider

  • According to some customers, the battery life is short

How much should you spend on a baby monitor?

There is no set amount that you should spend on a baby monitor. It really depends on your budget and what features are important to you. Some baby monitors can be quite inexpensive, while others can be quite expensive. Some features to consider when deciding on a baby monitor include the range of the monitor (how far it can transmit the signal), the type of display (audio only, video, or both), and whether it has any additional features such as temperature sensing or the ability to play lullabies. You should also consider the overall quality of the baby monitor, as you want to be sure that it will be reliable and last for a long time. As you can see in this article I found 5 excellent baby monitor under $100.

What’s the difference between Baby Monitor and Security Camera?

Baby monitors are specifically designed to allow parents or caregivers to monitor their baby from another location, often a different room in the same house. Baby monitors typically have features like two-way audio (so you can talk to your baby through the monitor), a display screen, and a range of up to several hundred feet. Some baby monitors also have additional features like temperature sensing, the ability to play lullabies, and even movement or sound-detection alerts.

Security cameras, on the other hand, are designed to monitor and record activity in a particular area for the purpose of security. They may be used to monitor the exterior of a home or business, or to monitor the interior of a building. Security cameras may be connected to a security system that sounds an alarm if it detects unauthorized activity, and they may also be connected to a monitoring service that can alert authorities in the event of a break-in or other emergency. Security cameras typically have features like motion detection, night vision, and high-resolution recording, but they do not usually have two-way audio or the ability to play lullabies like baby monitors do. Read more at my article: Baby monitor vs security camera


There’s a lot of great baby monitors out there, but don’t need to break your bank account! I’ve reviewed 5 best baby monitor under $100 that will give you everything from sound quality and night vision all the way up through range. Baby monitors might not seem mandatory to many, but the fact is a baby monitor puts your mind at ease and lets you focus on the task at hand. Because let’s be real parents can’t keep an eye on their little ones every minute of the day. And this is why having a device that lets you hear and see your baby when not in the room is worth gold.

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