Is baby monitor necessary?

Do I need a baby monitor? How Important Are Baby Monitors?

If you’re a parent, you know that there are a million and one things to worry about. Is your baby eating enough? Sleeping enough? Is she too hot? Too cold? And that’s before you even leave the house! Once you’re out and about, there are a whole new set of concerns. Did I pack enough diapers? wipes? snacks?

But here’s one worry you can cross off your list: whether or not to buy a baby monitor. Because the answer is yes. You should absolutely buy one.


  • Peace of Mind – There’s nothing worse than being out and about with your baby and getting a call from your partner saying, “I can’t find the pacifier/diaper rash cream/favorite toy.” With a baby monitor, you can rest assured that your partner can handle whatever comes up, because you’ll be able to see (and hear) everything that’s going on at home.
  • Sleep When You Can Get It – When you have a newborn, it feels like you’re never going to sleep again. But eventually, they will start sleeping through the night…and then they’ll wake up at 5 am and want to play. With a baby monitor, you can sleep when your baby sleeps and not have to worry about waking up every time she stirs.
  • Affordable Peace of Mind – Let’s be honest: peace of mind doesn’t come cheap. But a baby monitor is actually a pretty affordable way to get it. You can find a great quality baby monitor for under $100. So why not spend a little bit of money now to save yourself a whole lot of stress (and money) down the road?


A baby monitor is an essential piece of equipment for any parent. It gives you peace of mind, allows you to get some much-needed sleep, and is very affordable. So don’t wait—go out and buy one today!

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