what is vox on baby monitor

Everything You Need to Know About What Is VOX On Baby Monitor

Have you ever wondered which are the most important features in a baby monitor? Well, I think all parents would agree to the fact that VOX on the baby monitor is the most useful feature, especially if you are a first-time parent. Now is it the first time you are hearing this word, and thinking – what is VOX? VOX simply means that the baby monitor for your convenience is voice activated. VOX senses when your baby is awake and immediately alerts you and goes to sleep mode when your little one is sleeping.

What Is VOX On Baby Monitor?

VOX can be simply called voice-activation transmission. A radio device that comes equipped with this feature will get activated at the first sound and start transmitting. The microphone on the device always remains on, which allows the baby monitor to automatically start when it hears any words at all. In case there’s no noise at all the device goes into standby mode. The VOX on the baby monitor is quite similar to Alexa, Cortana, or Siri. Which means it will start responding as soon as it hears your voice.

It is extremely hassle-free, considering you wouldn’t need to press any buttons to start a conversation or even activate the device, unlike walkie-talkies or intercoms where you need to push buttons to activate it.

Why Have VOX On the Baby Monitor?

The two major benefits of owning a VOX baby monitor are:

  • You don’t have to keep standing by the monitor to keep an eye on your baby. As soon as your little one is awake you will get alerted so that you can go ahead and do your daily chores or get some sleep yourself.
  • The monitor goes to sleep mode after approximately 10 seconds and will restart only if there is any noise. This allows the battery to last long and not have to worry about charging the device frequently.

How To Adjust the VOX Sensitivity?

Most VOX baby monitors have multiple levels of sensitivity, and you can switch them up or down according to your requirements. If your kids tend to talk while sleeping or move around in their bed a lot, then make sure the sensitivity of the device isn’t high. On the other hand, if your little one is a quiet sleeper, then select the high sensitivity level. So, make sure that you choose accordingly. You can also choose a baby monitor, which comes with the option of turning off the VOX feature altogether.

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