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How to Mount baby monitor on wall without drilling?

How to mount baby monitor on wall without drilling?
This is a question that many parents have, as they do not want to damage their walls.

5 Ways How to Mount Baby Monitor on Wall Without Drilling

  1. Use Command strips – Command strips are a type of adhesive that will not damage your walls. Command strips are very reliable and can hold the monitor anywhere you want. They also are clean and tidy and do not leave ugly marks or dents on the surface . Did we mention that they’re also easy to remove? So when your little one no longer needs a monitor, you can quickly and easily take it down. Command strips come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your monitor. No matter what kind of monitor you have, there’s a command strip that can help you get it mounted – quickly, easily, and without drilling.
  2. Monitors with in-built mounting clips – many baby monitors comes with in-built mounting clips. If your baby monitor got it you can put it on your baby’s crib. If your baby monitor doesn’t have this clips, you can buy a universal monitor. Most universal monitor mounts are flexible and can fit your needs. You’ll get a better viewing angle this way, too!
  3. On Floating shelf Non-Drillingfloating shelfs helps you to keep everything neatly organized within arms reach. Usually it comes with strong adhesive plates. It’s an easy and quick installation, damage-free to your wall. Ideal for your nursery room.
  4. On baby changing station/table – many parents like placing the baby monitor on an nearby changing station or table. You should always make sure that the monitor is not too close to an AC or heating vent. The reason it might show the wrong temperature and set off your heat alarm.
  5. Camera Vinyl hooks Non-Drilling – very easy to attach and remove. These blink siding mounts are specially designed for camera as well as other compatible baby monitor camera.


You don’t have to drill a hole on the wall if you don’t want to. There are few good ways to mount the baby monitor on wall without drilling.

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