Hubble Baby Monitor Reviews for New Parents

Are you going to be a new mommy soon? Or did you just become parents to an adorable little angel? Well, as new parents, it is normal to get worried all the time thinking about whether your baby is safe in her nursery. And it is next to impossible for any parent to leave every chore and look over your baby all the time. So, what do you do then? Get a helping hand that will let you have an eye on your little one, no matter whether you are in the kitchen or the garden. Wondering what helping hand we are talking about here? Well, it’s a baby monitor.

A lot of new parents don’t know about baby monitors, and this is why they don’t invest in one right away. But once you do there’s no looking back, you are sorted. That being said are you looking for some baby monitor reviews? Then let’s get on with it.

Hubble Baby Monitor Reviews

Hubble Baby Monitor Reviews

Looking for a baby monitor that will help level up your parenting game? The Hubble baby monitor reviews device comes with a 5” screen that allows you to keep an eye on your little angel while you go around doing your daily routine. You can remain updated about your baby’s every movement once you connect the camera with your Wi-Fi. But that’s not all there are many more features on the HubbleClub companion app that will simplify your everyday hectic routine with your baby.

Additionally, the Hubble baby monitor helps establish a proper sleep routine for your little one. It also comes preloaded with lullabies, nature sounds, and audiobooks. And lastly, the two ways talk feature makes sure that you can talk to and comfort your baby anytime they are in need.


  • Item weight– 0.634 ounces
  • Item Dimensions– 9.09*7.32*3.9 inches
  • Power Source– Battery powered
  • Batteries– 1 lithium-ion battery
  • Battery Life- 24 hours
  • Screen Size– 5” diagonal color screen

Why Get the Hubble Baby Monitor?

  • This Hubble baby monitor review comes with a 5 inches wireless parent unit monitor that allows you to enjoy the 1080p clear viewing with your tablet or smartphone. Just download the free HubbleClub app and keep a track of your little one’s every movement and sound.
  • The baby monitor comes with the 7-color night light as well the sleep trainer program to ensure both you and your baby get your sleep.
  • This device comes with a wall mount or magnetic stand accompanied with digital zoom and tilt for that perfect view from any point in the nursery.
  • The Hubble baby monitor reviews come with a superior transmission range and battery life that allows you to check on your little one as often and as long as you want.

Disadvantages To Consider

  • According to some testimonials, the magnetic mount isn’t strong enough because of which the camera keeps sliding down.
  • Some customers have complained about the night vision working only if the camera is placed near.

Is Hubble a good monitor?

Yes, the night vision monitor is perfect for keeping an eye on your little ones. Not only does it provide crystal clear imaging, but its setup couldn’t be easier. Plus – real-time temperature readings? That’s clever parenting at its finest. Get this monitor before someone else in your neighborhood scoops up all of them.

Can you use Hubble without WiFi?

Yes you can

Who makes Hubble baby monitors?

Motorola Hubble

Baby monitors work as the biggest assurance for new parents to ensure their baby is safe and happy. And in case, you were looking for a quality baby monitor that gives you time, space, and sleep then the Hubble baby monitor is the one for you, especially considering how it has become a favorite for so many parents out there. So what are you waiting for grab this baby monitor today!

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