miku baby monitor

Miku Baby Monitor reviews, is it the best one in the market?

The Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor gives you a greater awareness of how your baby is breathing and sleeping. Real-time alerts let you hear, see and know of any changes. All with no wearables, washing, or charging.

Check our Miku Baby Monitor reviews

Miku Baby Monitor


  • High quality image – crystal clear 1080P HD video & night vision.
  • Monitor breathing & sleep – it using Sensor Fusion technology that shows you in real time your baby’s breathing without requiring them to wear anything special. It also tracks your baby sleep movement (it has 5 sensors for a full sleep report).
  • Completely contact free – Contact-free means no wearables, charging, or washing. Your baby can wear any clothing and sleep in any position with nothing to disturb their sleep.
  • Safe and secure –  you are in total control of your data.
  • 5 sensors for a full sleep report – Gain a greater understanding of how your baby is sleeping week-by-week with graphs and charts of your baby.
  • Works with both Android and iPhone apps
  • No subscription fee required to use the app


  • Expensive

What are the benefits to contact-free monitoring?

One of the many benefits of Miku’s Sensor Fusion technology is that it is contact free, eliminating the need for wires or wearables that require washing, securing, charging, or replacing. Plus, Miku works for any age!

Conclusion of the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor – this is one of the best baby monitor today in the market maybe even the best one!

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