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Nanit Baby Monitor vs Owlet | Which is Better for You?

In the United States, about 3,400 infants tragically lose their lives to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) each year. In this regard baby monitors are surprisingly helpful to monitor newborn’s breathing, movement, and sleep habits. Nanit and Owlet are two big names when we talk about baby monitors. Don’t get confused between these two and read our Nanit baby monitor vs Owlet guide to choose the best one.

The time right after a baby is born is a very vulnerable one without a doubt. Most cases of SIDS occur within the first year of a baby’s life. And if your baby was born premature or has other health problems and spent time in the NICU, the stress associated with this time just doubles.

Significance of Baby Monitors

With the help of a baby breathing monitor system, parents can rest easy knowing that their child’s vital signs are being monitored round-the-clock. A baby monitor is a radio system that lets you listen to your infant from a distance. A transmitter unit with a microphone is placed close to the child, making up the audio monitor. This transmits sounds to a speaker-equipped receiver unit that the person taking care of the baby can carry or keep close by.

Considering the statistics, baby monitors are an extremely important tool for most parents without a doubt. Obviously, you can’t keep an eye on your baby all the time, so having a device that lets you see and hear your baby when you’re not in the room with them is priceless.

High-tech smart baby monitors like the Owlet and Nanit can particularly monitor a child’s respiration and sleep patterns. Both the Owlet and the Nanit are high-tech gadgets, yet they provide very different insights into your baby’s health. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Nanit vs Owlet to find out which one is better.

Nanit Baby Monitor vs. Owlet

Both the Owlet and the Nanit can give you the peace of mind you need regarding your baby’s nocturnal safety, but the information they provide is slightly different. You need to go through features of Nanit baby monitor vs owlet to see which one is better for you.

If you purchase the breathing wear, the Nanit camera will allow you to watch your baby’s breathing. You can do this while you keep tabs on their sleep patterns and soothing them with white noise or natural sounds. Swaddles, a sleeping bag, pajamas, or a chest band are also options. But the downside here is that you need to have a Nanit Pro or Nanit Plus camera to be able to use the Nanit Breathing Wear to monitor your baby’s breathing.

On the other hand, Owlet stands out due to its novel Smart Sock, which monitors the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. The Sock can be used independently or paired with an Owlet video monitor to provide even more detailed analysis of your little one’s nightly rest.

With that said, let’s discuss the pros, cons, and detailed features of both baby monitors to settle out the debate of Nanit baby monitor vs owlet.


Nanit Pro Smart 


Owlet Dream Duo

Sleepwear technologySleep sack
Smart socks
Pulse-oximetry technology
SpecialtyBetter for tracking sleep changesBetter for babies that have health problems
InstallationMore flexibleLess flexible
Mobile app
Clear video streams

Nanit Pro Smart

The Nanit Pro Smart uses computer vision technology to conduct a sleep study in the crib and makes it the most cutting-edge baby monitor available until now.

The patented technology analyses sleep patterns to provide parents with individualized tips and expert coaching that enhances sleep quality. Its award-winning, state-of-the-art camera also tracks the baby’s movements to give the parents a crystal-clear picture of almost everything that happens in and around the crib.

In addition, its cord cover makes Nanit the only monitor on the market approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for use within three feet of a crib.


  • Split Screen feature: It has extremely unique Split Screen feature. As a result, it lets you view and operate several cameras from a single app.
  • Panoramic view: It is HSA/FSA approved for safety and offers a panoramic view of your newborn, unlike anything else.
  • Nanit Pro Floor Stand: It is a flexible solution that can be leaned against a wall or used independently and also has secure cable management.
  • Print-recognition computer vision technology: Without using sensors, electronics, or radar, you may safely track your baby’s breathing patterns. The monitor’s print-recognition computer vision technology detects the Breathing Wear pattern and follows it.
  • 1080p video: The monitor uses 1080p video to allow you to keep in touch and check in on your baby from anywhere.
  • Listen in or Converse: The Nanit Pro Smart lets you listen in or have a conversation with your baby from afar. It can always help you notice any noise and motion in real-time and monitor the baby’s sleep patterns.
  • Time-lapse highlight reel: This is indeed the only baby monitoring app to offer a time-lapse highlight reel of your baby’s night.
  • Online scrapbook: Surprisingly, the system automatically compiles your priceless memories into a single online scrapbook.
  • Support System: The Insights plan, which provides cutting-edge information and access to science-backed support on sleep and parenting, is also included for an entire year.
  • Track history: A sleep history for the last 2 days, activity clips, and 2 user profiles are also included in the data plan.
  • Supported devices: Finally, the Echo Show, Kindle Fire, iOS devices, and Android smartphones are all supported with Nanit Pro Smart.

Product Information

  1. The monitor’s dimensions are 10 inches length, 6.25 inches width, and 4.25 inches height.
  2. Its product style includes a camera and floor stand.
  3. It doesn’t require any battery.
  4. Its country of origin is China.


  • It has breathing alarms.
  • It helps maintain sleep and growth analytics.
  • The monitor generates continuous notifications and audio, even on the Lock Screen.
  • Transitions to a nanny cam.
  • Has a travel-friendly mount.
  • Best graphic option available with up to 1080p HD as well as IR night vision.
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa.
  • Comes with temperature and humidity sensors pre-installed.


  • Its price is high compared to its competitors in the market.
  • No dedicated parent unit.
  • No crying or rollover alerts.
  • It can very quickly drain your phone battery.
  • Breathing Motion Monitoring is quite good but becomes incompatible with a travel mount.
  • After one year, sleep data requires a paid subscription.


What can the Nanit pro do?

The Nanit pro lets parents keep track of their baby’s health, wellness, and development, from sleep and breathing to growth and milestones. The best-in-class app offers parents personalized insights and advice.

Is the Nanit pro baby monitor worth it?

The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor is more expensive than many other baby monitors on the market but is worth it for parents who want to learn more about their baby’s sleep patterns and be able to track their baby’s breathing and growth without having to put extra electronic sensors on their child.

Is Nanit FDA approved?

So far, the FDA has not cleared or approved the Nanit pro or any other baby product to prevent or lower the risk of SIDS.

Owlet Dream Duo


A 1st generation camera that provides a comprehensive view of your baby’s sleep patterns, the Owlet Dream Duo is the winner of multiple awards.

Thanks to the Owlet Dream Duo’s live video feed, you can check in on your kid anytime, from anywhere. Listen in on your little one from a far and be alerted to their every move with sound and motion detection. Moreover, you can monitor your infant’s vitals, oxygen levels, sleep interruptions, room temperature, and background noise.

With this useful data at your fingertips, you can consider your baby’s changing sleep needs and developmental progress to make the necessary adjustments.


  • Monitoring sleep habits: Put it on your baby every time they go to bed or take a nap, and it will keep track of their sleep patterns, including how often they wake up, how well they sleep, and how long they sleep for.
  • HD Cam: With the Owlet Cam’s HD streaming and night vision capabilities, you can watch your baby from anywhere in crystal-clear high definition.
  • Sleep plan: You can access Owlet’s acclaimed sleep program and get a flexible sleep plan for your baby’s needs. Baby can feel refreshed in as little as 7 days.
  • Customized view: You can view your baby’s crib and room from every position with this 130° wide-angle, 4X pinch-to-zoom baby monitor. In addition, it also has a temperature sensor.
  • Set Routine: The monitor allows you to review your baby’s sleep state & quality – By breaking down your baby’s sleep into its component parts, you may more easily see patterns and adapt the routine accordingly as your child develops.
  • Parenting newsletter: You may learn more about sleep, feeding, postpartum adjustment, self-care, and more by subscribing to Owlet’s weekly parenting newsletter. They send this to new parents from the time their baby is born until they are 18 weeks old.
  • View sleep data: Surprisingly, you can view your baby’s sleep data from any location using the Owlet Dream app.
  • FSA and HSA-compliant: The Dream Sock is FSA and HSA-compliant, so you may use those accounts to buy them. Kaspien, Netrush, and Owlet are some of the authorized sellers you may purchase from to get the full manufacturer’s warranty and customer service.

Product Information

  1. The Owlet Dream Duo’s product dimensions are 9.33 inches length, 4.13 inches width, and 2.2 inches height.
  2. It is a 2-piece set.
  3. Its components include Owlet Baby monitor camera and Smart Sock.


  • This monitor provides the most accurate and extensive sleep training information.
  • Dream socks are comfortable to wear.
  • Has a Breezy camera set-up with the option for multi-camera support.
  • The camera’s red light can be turned off via the app for total darkness in the room, allowing for better meditation and sleep of the child.
  • Sharpest 1080 pixels video transmitted via the app.
  • Highly active temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Heartbeat monitor and oxygen saturation options are available.


  • Its price is high compared to other similar baby monitoring devices available in the market.
  • There are a lot of visible video lags and noticeable audio delays.
  • The Sock often gives false alarms, and smart socks may not be the best option for every family.
  • The camera tilt option is not available; only still camera features work.


Is the Owlet duo worth it?

If all you want is a Wi-Fi monitor, the Owlet Dream Duo is unreasonably pricey. Owlet’s monitor costs $399 but might be worth it if you’re interested in learning how to train your infant’s sleep.

Can Owlet prevent SIDS?

The Owlet Smart Sock has been shown to detect hypoxemia but does not always work well. The Baby Vida never noticed hypoxemia and also showed falsely low pulse rates. Considering this, there is no evidence that these monitors help reduce the risk of SIDS in healthy babies.

Has the Owlet saved any babies?

Workman said, “The Owlet has already saved 26 lives by letting parents know when their children were in danger.” But there are also a lot of other monitors on the market that can help parents feel better. Some of these that track both a baby’s movements and breathing are Snuza, Mimo, and Angelcare.

The Final Verdict

When you need to check on your baby’s breathing in the middle of the night, both the Nanit and the Owlet baby monitors are convenient options. When we talk about Nanit vs Owlet Dream Sock, the Owlet uses smart socks, while the Nanit employs a sleep sack that monitors your baby’s breathing and movement using belly movement detection.

Both the Nanit and the Owlet have user-friendly apps. However, according to user evaluations in the iOS and Android stores, the Nanit app is rated higher than the Owlet app by a small margin (4.1 and 4.6 for the Nanit, compared to 4.2 and 3.7 for the Owlet).

When talking about Nanit baby monitor vs Owlet, we should remember that both devices share equally effective features of clear video and audio transmissions, two-way communication, and the ability to use Wi-Fi and a mobile device. If you are interested in easy installation and tracking sleep changes, then Nanit Pro smart should certainly be your option. But if you want pulse-oximetry technology and want to follow a baby’s health, then the Owlet Dream Duo is indeed a perfect choice.

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