Nanit pro smart baby monitor floor stand reviews

Nanit pro smart baby monitor floor stand reviews – What makes it so popular?

The only HD baby monitor that lets you track their sleep, breathing motion, and growth.

Nanit pro smart baby monitor floor stand reviews

Here are the Nanit pro smart baby monitor floor stand reviews.

What makes the Nanit Pro so popular?

The Nanit Pro baby monitor has the sharpest camera in the world with data on sleep quality, breathing movement monitoring, and moments you can’t miss. With this amazing gadget, parents can stay connected and watch their baby from anywhere with 1080p video resolution. With a two-way voice, they can also hear and speak with their baby from anywhere. Basically with the Nanit pro-baby monitor parents can easily receive real-time sound, motion and sleep tracking notifications.


  • Stay connected and see baby from anywhere with crystal-clear 1080p video
  • Breathing movement monitoring
  • Superb Quality Camera
  • The camera is Night Vision
  • Two-way voice
  • Compatible with Kindle Fire, iOS, Android, and Echo
  • Safely monitor baby’s breathing motion without sensors, electronics or radar.
  • Can easily monitor your baby’s size when used in combination with * Smart Sheets

The Nanit pro also provide digital scrapbook. It captures your bay’s moments and saves them in a folder and then parents can access that folder from anywhere. It means that with the Nanit pro baby monitor parents can never miss their baby’s beautiful moments.

The Nanit pro is the only baby monitor app that provides time-lapse highlight videos for the night. Includes a year’s access to the Insights Pack, giving you access to the latest information and science-backed parenting and sleep advice. Besides, the data plan includes a two-day sleep history, activity clips, and up to two user profiles. Without any sensors touching your baby, the Breathing Band that comes with your Nanit Pro monitors your infant’s breathing motion in real-time and notifies you if they need your help. It provides personalized sleep tracking and guidance to parents regarding the child.

It has the latest technology that records the baby’s breathing motion without any kind of sensors. Moreover, it uses the latest print technology to do so.

As it comes with great advantages, it also gives some disadvantages:


  • Very Expensive Accessories
  • The sleep data needs a paid subscription to be used
  • Low-Quality Speaker 

Nanit Insights membership is required to monitor sleep and record recorded videos. Unfortunately, you will need to purchase a separate Insights membership for each camera you use. If you have a triplet, each with a Nanit cam, you will have to pay for three subscriptions. This monitor tracks everything your baby does. From movements to how they sleep and even how they are put to sleep and they send you tips and advice on how you can help your little one become a better sleeper. Additionally, it’s easy to install. If you leave your smartphone turned on for monitoring, the app will provide a night mode that dims the screen. Your phone won’t fall asleep while you watch the video. Keeping your phone next to your bed to watch at night is a blessing. With the Local View option on your home Wi-Fi, you can keep an eye on your internet connection even if it’s down.

Also, the floor stand has three legs so that it may stand on its own, but you can remove one so that it can be pushed up against a wall and secured there with the weight of a crib. Excellent cable management is present on both the floor stand and the wall mount to prevent cord-pulling by curious baby hands. Simply insert the camera into the top.

Conclusion of the Nanit pro smart baby monitor floor stand reviews: With this baby monitor, you can track the baby’s sleep, growth, movement, and memories.

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