panasonic long range baby monitor

What is the Best Long Range Baby Monitor?

When shopping for a baby monitor, the range of coverage can be important. You need one that covers at least 800ft. in order to feel close enough while cooking or cleaning throughout your home without running out into another room every time someone knocks on an open door!
But some monitors claim they offer 1k+ footlongrange whereas others only go up 150ft – How do you know what’s really worth buying?

I checked few baby monitors and those are the best long range baby monitor I found:

panasonic long range baby monitor
1Our Pick
Panasonic Baby Monitor

* Up to 1,500 feet

2Most Popular
VTech VM819

* Up to 1,000 feet

vtech dm11
3Best Low Cost
VTech DM111 

* Up to 1,000 feet

My Top Picks for the Best Long Range Baby Monitor

My Pick

1. Panasonic Baby Monitor

  • Up to 1,500 feet
  • 3.5” LCD display
  • Remote Pan, Tilt and Zoom
  • Without Wi-Fi
  • 2-way sound
  • Portable Baby Monitor
  • Motion Sensor

This monitor is a game changer with its long range (up to 1500 feet) and ability to detect sounds from all around the room, as well as sound alerts when it detects temperature changes or movement. The addition of white noise mode will help you fall asleep easier while lullabies keep your little one calm at night. The night vision on this monitor is so good, you can see what’s happening in your baby’s crib even when it gets totally dark. It also has speakers and a microphone to let them sleep soundly through the night with no worries about being alone or needing something from their parents!

2. VTech VM819

  • Best in Battery Life and Range – With up to 19 hours of video streaming on a single charge
  • Up to 1,000 feet
  • Without Wi-Fi 
  • 2.8” LCD display
  • 2-Way Talk
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Auto-on Screen and Sound Indications 
  • Easy Set-up

The baby monitor comes with an auto-on sound and screen feature, which means you can turn off the screen and have your sound sleep at night. This feature also allows for saving power and thereby ensuring that the battery lasts the entire day.

3. VTech DM111 

  • Up to 1,000 feet
  • Coming with belt clip –  the Parent Unit can be attached to your pocket or shirt
  • Easy to Use
  • Five LED lights on the parent unit indicates the level of sound in your baby’s room
  • Volume control
  • Great price

You’ll always know where your baby is with the DM111 audio monitor. Built-in digital transmission eliminates static and feedback from other wireless devices, so you can rest assured they’re safe while giving them room to cry or play. With the VTech Digital Audio Monitor – DM111 you can rest assured that there is only sound coming from your baby’s room. The 5-level Sound Indicator light will let both parents and babies know at what volume level they are listening too, so no one gets an earful of background noise when things get loud. Thebelt clip makes it easy to take your parent unit with you when needed. You’ll also appreciate that this product includes an extended range, high sensitivity microphone and out-of warranty indicator.


Whether you’re a parent that wants to keep an eye on your little one or just want some peace of mind, there’s no better way than with this amazing video monitor. With its extra-long range and great features like lullabies and temperature monitoring it’ll make sure everyone in the house is happy

So, if you want the best baby monitor overall, pick the Panasonic Baby Monitor

If you want the most popular long-range baby monitor, pick the VTech VM819

If you want to keep the spend under $40, pick the VTech DM111

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