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Where To Mount Baby Monitor In The Nursery Room?

With my new baby, I was determined to find the perfect place for their monitor. Where to mount baby monitor is the first question I asked after I bought the baby monitor. After all of our trials and errors with different locations in this nursery. I finally got something that works well enough.

Mounting a baby monitor to the wall is the most safety way. You’ll get an excellent bird’s eye view of your little one from up high, and you can remove it if necessary by mounting on shelves or even removing entirely!

Here are the 3 options where to mount baby monitor:

Mount it on the wall

You’ll want to choose a place on the wall for your baby monitor so that it’s out of reach and can’t get broken. One way you might do this is by mounting it with screws, which are specially made for threading into wood or drywall thicknesses (you should use lag bolts). Mounted securely in these ways, monitors will always stay put no matter what happens- whether an infant starts throwing his weight around as soon as he gets big enough not rely only on phoning home from time until bedtime.

Where to mount baby monitor?

First you need to find the best spot in the room. Keep your baby monitor at least three feet away from the crib, bed or play area. You want to make sure that you have an obstructed view and clear audio of what’s happening in their room so they don’t miss any cues while sleeping.
Maintain a minimum distance between yourself and Baby’s nursery – usually about 4-5 ft (depending on size) for safety reasons.

Place your baby monitor on a shelf

Placing your baby monitor on a shelf in the nursery room is not just convenient, it’s also safe for the baby. Your baby can’t reach the shelf that’s why it is safe. You can also take the monitor to other room when needed in seconds. You can also change the angle of the camera.

Place your baby monitor on furniture

You can also place it on furniture like a dresser or changing table or even on the crib. Just make sure that your baby can’t reach the monitor.

So, now you know where you should place your monitor in the nursery room

Before you buy the baby monitor check the nursery room and decide which is the best spot to put it. Now it’s time to check the best baby monitors

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